Jemimus on September 22nd, 2016

Re-encrypting my work laptop harddrive. Veracrypt is the successor to Truecrypt and its code has been community-vetted to insure there are no ‘back doors’ in it (and its security can be independently verified). The only downside it has is that by default, it uses a rather high header key derivation iteration value (a lot higher […]

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So here is something silly I was running up against. In the end its super simple, but its not obvious, and not easy to google for. I want to equip the new servers are are installing with a standard weekly reboot schedule. I created a batch file that launched shutdown.exe with some fancy parameters, and […]

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Thefluffyadmin on September 22nd, 2005 The Dutch site “” (Warningservice) (A part of the Dutch ministry of Economics) has made this animated movie in both Dutch and English. It shows, in an entertaining way, what the threat is from Virusses, Worms, Bots, and how your pc can be turned into a zombie pc. Its a great effort on their […]

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In the Trenches » Another Tech Chat – Affects of zotab and patch management Particapated in another tech chat! Havnt been blogging much cause I cant blog from work, and evenings are WoW..

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Thefluffyadmin on August 17th, 2005

Originally uploaded by Jemimus. Update fun at work today, trying desperately to get 50 windows 2000 servers up to some kinds of descent patch level.

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