On ESX 5.5U3, I recently ran into an annoying issue with HA. vSphere had recently been updated, but the hosts had not been all yet received the very latest version of the FDM (fault domain manager, aka ‘HA’) agent. During some routine maintenance work, a particular host was taken in and out of maintenance mode […]

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We all know about the VMware case numbers. Each SR you open gets a nice number. Internally, VMware has a problem database. Newly found bugs end up in there. And if you spend a lot of time with VMware support, you will end up hearing a lot about these internal PR (problem reports). Here is […]

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Jemimus on May 7th, 2010

One of our batch of Lenovo T500 laptops refuses to boot from our Windows Deployment PXE server. So not easy to get our default company image into it. Hard to explain to Lenovo support what is wrong cause its so very specific. All other network functions are just fine. My colleague ran a trace on […]

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  As many before us, we ran into the following error in Virtual Center, when we tried to P-to-V a server: “multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user” This is not an uncommon error, and you might recognise it from other scenarios that involve remotely connecting to a Windows host.  […]

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Jemimus on July 13th, 2009

(zoom) Sometimes,  a rogue printer driver entry gets left behind in your printer list. Sometimes, you cant delete it.  Somtimes its even a duplicate of a printer that already exists, perhaps with a slightly different queue name. Various message sources, like here suggest breaking network connection with the printer in question may be needed before windows […]

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