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How long will the MDA Pro pen last?

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

(pic taken using the small camera on the Mda)

Dont really know how I need to tall this thing for the sake of the blog. MDA Pro? HTC Universal?

Anyway.. my primary MSN works again, now at  its so stupid really. Just needed to add everyone again so they could authorise my new adress.. and there I was thinking the process was automatic or something… whatever.

Had a look at setting up mobile sync on my Exchange server, but the first attemps seem to reveal that WM05 is rather picky about certificates, so I will have to figure that stuff out first.

Another issue I need to look at, is why MWV9 movies from Channel9 wont play fullscreen, even though they play really well! I need to go buy myself a 1gb SD card, so I can start treating those vids as really large podcasts, and listen to them on the train.  I sent Scoble a mail about having the sound for those vids brought out as seperate podcasts, but never got a reply.

A case for the MDA Pro

Monday, November 7th, 2005

Now I have my cool phone, I will need a cool case.

since I got a Piel Frama case for my previous phone, and was so impressed by the quality, I will remain brand-loyal and order with them again.

These really are great cow-leather cases. I used my XDA one for 3 years and there was hardly any wear at all. The belt-clip they use is also very sturdy and will last long, though I will likely order a few spare.

Got me new phone! Mda Pro!

Sunday, November 6th, 2005

A.k.a. The HTC Universal!

I have been pining for this thing for the last year or so. Isn’t she a beauty!
Got the bluetooth sync working great, now to set up Exchange for mobilesync.

Still cant use my Primairy MSN account though, I am currently using
I hope they fix it soon so I can try it out on Pocket MSN.

MSN Mobile for Windows Mobile 2005 … some issues

Saturday, November 5th, 2005

When you used to get a Windows Mobile device like a smartphone or phone enabled pda.. you would get MSN Messenger Mobile with it, and you could just log in normally using your same old passport credentials.

However, with Windows Mobile 2005, you require a new product: MSN Mobile…   and you have to BUY it… at about 20 dollars

The only way to buy MSN Mobile, is of you have a passport account that uses a Microsoft email adres!! So in my case.. it would not accept my goold ole .. one that I have used with my MS passport for almost a decade now.

Now this really really sucks, cause I was not about to destroy my entire social online network by changing MSN identities.

But… I was relived to see, that you can actually change your passport email adress in the passport profile page, and migrate all your settings and contacts, so I turned it into a new adress:

However.. whenever I login to MSN messenger service now.. all my contacts appear offline…   and by the sound of it..  I appear offline to them.

I will give it 24 hours before I get really pissed off. I’ll chalk it down to replication traffic for now.

Oh yah.. the reason that I now use MSN Mobile??  heheheheh    pitures of my new phone tomorrow! 😀

Phone stolen

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

My long time mobile buddy, my first gen XDA, was stolen last night during a trip to cinema and restaurant.

I doubt it will be of any use to whoever has it, its three years old and uses an extremenly propriatary connector, so likely it will run out of power in two days. They also cant get in cause of password, but they will likely try to reset it.

I am actually more miffed about loosing my 512mb sd card that was in it. Now I cant listen to my podcasts either! Grrr…

Its funny.. I was is some doubt about getting the new MDA Pro (HTC Universal), but I guess this kinda forces me to go get it, as I have nothing alternative currently.

Anyway, to all my friends that read my blog, dont try and call my on my old number, I will be getting a new phone with a new provider, and thus also a new number. I will be reporting my poor XDA as stolen in the morning.

Rest in piece, my trusty XDA.