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I was interviewed for Scott Lowe’s Full Stack Journey podcast hosted by #packetpushers #vexpert

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Full Stack Journey tells personal stories about the ongoing quest to become a full stack engineer: an IT pro who can move among multiple silos and work across multiple layers of the modern data center.

Very cool to be asked, as I feel my personal IT transformation journey has only just begun.
I admire Scott greatly and his many vSphere books helped me get my first certifications.
His Blog is an amazing source of information, and his own shift toward cloud-native technologies is something I am very much hoping to emulate.

Robert and I talk about a few different topics during the episode:

  • The need for IT professionals to shift their mindset to become more of a facilitator, a mediator between silos

  • Embracing DevOps (it’s about more than a name change!)

  • Trying to find the balance between hands-on experience and broader architect-level knowledge

Listen to the podcast episode here:

Full Stack Journey 014: Robert Kloosterhuis

Podcast Listen List May 2017

Monday, May 1st, 2017

The last 18 months I have started listening to podcasts again in a regular fashion. Way way back on this blog, I used to blog about them, and even participated in several,including the long-gone InTheTrenches sysadmin podcast.

The last year or so, my interests have also diversified into the cloud-native space, and my listening choice also reflects this.

Here is the list I currently enjoy, but I am adding more every few weeks.
When the VMware Communities Roundtable podcast is recorded, I am often there live on the chat.  Same goes the vBrownbag EMEA shows.
Where Too Much Technology Would Be Barely Enough
A podcast network consisting of 6 shows mostly around networking.
Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely host this award-winning weekly podcast to discuss the technology and organizational changes that are driving the convergence of today’s Data Centers and Cloud Computing. Topics include Cloud Computing | AWS | Azure | GCP | Serverless | DevOps | AppDev | SaaS | IoT. Guests are industry thought-leaders and leaders of companies changing the IT industry.
A weekly podcast that covers the technology and people of open source. It’s about the code, the people, and the community. This show features in-depth interviews with the best and brightest software engineers, hackers, leaders, and innovators. Hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo face their imposter syndrome so you don’t have to.
This Week in Enterprise Tech explores the complex, cutting edge world of enterprise technology. Hosted by Father Robert Ballecer, TWiET features IT professionals explaining the ins and outs of enterprise solutions.
Covering Virtualization and Cloud Computing News, How-To, Events, and Interviews
Our new vChat is a video webcast/podcast and a joint effort between three vExperts – Simon Seagrave of, Eric Siebert of, and David Davis of The vChat is sponsored by Train Signal – the leader in VMware video training.

The Virtually Speaking Podcast (official VMware podcast)
iTunes and Soundcloud.
The Virtually Speaking Podcast is a weekly technical podcast dedicated to discussing VMware topics related to storage and availability. Each week Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) and John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal) bring in various subject matter experts from VMware and within the industry to discuss their respective areas of expertise. If you’re new to the Virtually Speaking Podcast check out all episodes on Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Vmware Communities Roundtable
VMware experts talk about virtualization live every Wednesday at noon CA time. Virtualization news and tech mixed with a “Late Night at VMworld” informality. Join us!
Our topics range from certification, emerging tech, and business process. These series provide our listeners with information needed to help them not only pass exams, but learn how to implement new technologies to advance their careers.

Dockercast is the official Docker Podcast which covers a wide range of topics including products, projects and contributions from active community members and partners with our host, Docker’s very own – John Willis. John Willis (@botchagalupe) is the Director of Ecosystem development for Docker
Join host Paul Woodward Jr (ExploreVM) as he explores technologies around data centers, cloud computing, automation, networking, and all things nerdy!
A new technology podcast covering industry news, product reviews, education, certification and homelab advice and discussion
Five of your favourite community members like calling each other on a weekly base and record their rants on Datacenter News. Although we all are already quite opinionated people, we still love to hear your voice as well through our LinkedIN discussions or enlarge the rant on our Facebook Page.


The Gillmor Gang Podcast – temp RSS feed and other stuff

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

For those of you following the Gillmore Gang podcast, you may have noticed the feed has not been updated recently.

All queries directed at Steve Gilmore about this, have resulted in him simply pointing us to the live stream of the Gang, as its recorded on Leo Laporte’s site on Friday or Saterday. He gives very little advance warning of when they are going to do a show. And its just down to luck, and your own personal schedule wether you are in the position to listen to this at the time.

After about a month of this, several people, like myself and Dave Winer, have become fed up, and this Friendfeed discussion has resulted in various alternative resources being made available, including a certain “Jack” very helpfully providing us with an alternative RSS feed, coming out of Yahoo pipes.

Here is my own little rant, followed by the complete conversation:

“I cannot understand why they would stop the podcast. I dont care what else they do, as long as I can recieve it as a podcast. The ENTIRE point of podcasting was its time-shifted nature, the fact that we can unshackle ourselves from the -obsolete- broadcasting model. Realtime has its place, but one does not preclude the other. Going live-only is a step back in my opinion. They cut -so- many people out of their listenership, I cant wrap my head around it!”


To summorise, here are the various resources currently available:

Internet Archive:

Yahoo Pipes conversion from the Internet Archive, into an RSS feed:

Feedburner version of above RSS feed:

ISOHunt Search (rss) for any Torrent with the words “Gillmor Gang” in it:

Update 20 July 2009:
After the little Spat with Leo Laporte, Steve has not done another Gillmor Gang.
It looks like we shall have to go without for the forseeable future 🙁

The Adam-Dave thing

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

Here is a copy-paste of my responce to a thread I ran into by accident on
Its about the continued feud between Adam Curry and Dave Winer, and my own feelings about Adam of late.


Having listened to podcasts since november, I remember the good ole days when Dave and Adam did podcasts together, and everything was still fine.

I stopped listening to Dave’s podcast for no other reason than that the audio quality was really getting on my nerves.

Some time later there was an obvious split, with Adam pulling his stuff from Dave’s servers. I heard very little about the feud, and didnt pay it that much mind, but its sad to see it returning to the fore in this manner.

I am not at all suprised they have had this split and that animosity remains, its the most predictable clash of personalities. The geek vs the showman.

Dave is very hard person to like; he is brash, arrogant, and not exactly subtle with his opinion. However, I respect him and his work deeply, and their is no denying his passion in what he does, and his commitment to do ‘the right thing’.

Adam on the other hand is the showman, the extrovert. We could not have wished for a better person to evangalise the format. Adam is very easy to like, because that is exactly wat he is good in, to be the person you want to like, want to hear.
After half a year of DSC however, I have also come to the conclusion that Adam is totally egocentric, also arrogant, and shallow to the extreme.

Personally, I identify with Dave more strongly that with Adam, even though I find Adam more pleasant to listen to.

But like other people in this thread have said, the cracks are showing. I was rather surpised and dissapointed in way when I heard of the Sirius deal. To me its counter-intuitive to the whole ideal of podcasting.
Its this ideal, the very ‘underground’ nature of podcasting that Dave places so much value on, so its not suprising at all to see a complete split on that issue between Dave and Adam, as Adam’s sole focus these days seems to be the business model and the monetisation of the concept.

This is where the crux of the argument is. I think, though the ‘who deserves credit’ discussion is certainly part of it, I dont think its the main problem though.

As far as I had heard, Dave called Adam a ‘sellout’,(this was even before the Sirius deal) and purely from an emotional standpoint, a part of me feels the same way. I feel that podcasting has no place anywhere near the traditional breadcast model. Likewise I cringe everytime I hear of a commercial radio station or channel doing a podcast of their own overproduced, ‘booming radio voice’ crap.

In this last regard, I feel Adam is dropping the ball aswell. When I listened to first test show for Sirius, I couldnt really believe how overproduced it sounded.. talk about your booming radio voice.. this was Adam as his very worst.. and he probably knows it.. but I dont think he can help himself.

On the whole, I am getting increasingly dissapointed with Adam, but I probably wont stop listening, he is like a habbit I would find hard to break.

However, I think I will be subscribing to Dave’s podcast again.. to keep my information intake somehat balanced, dispite I may find him hard to listen to sometimes, in more ways that one. » Blog Archive » Podcast with Robert Kloosterhuis

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 » Blog Archive » Podcast with Robert Kloosterhuis

Oh I almost forgat about this! I am featured on the latest security news podcast!
Its basicly a recorded Skype call.