kevindevin.com » In the Trenches – Tech Chat – 02-04-2005 At 4am on Saterday morning I participated in a tech chat..  this time we had Jeremy Wright from ensight.com on board, as well as Kregge Steppe and Gerard Hickey. I especially wanted Jeremy on board, cause of his experience with corperate blogging, and his blogging experience in […]

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Thefluffyadmin on January 15th, 2005

Just finished up on another tech chat for In The Trenches Its really is so cool, I never get tired of participating in this stuff.  Originally we had Chuck Tomasi on board for the chat, but he had to leave, so we continued on with me, Kevin and Dave Johnson (Edave.org) on Security as the topic of focus, […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 17th, 2004

IT Conversations I just wanna plug IT Conversations for a sec here. IT Conversations is a network of high-end tech talk-radio interviews, discussions and presentations from major conferences delivered live and on-demand via the Internet. It’s a one-person labor of love. Doug Kaye is ITC’s host, producer, developer, writer, interviewer and engineer. He launched IT […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 10th, 2004

This is my reply to Derek Lakin on his post about Podcasting. Dont confuse the content with the concept! I think its a shame that Podcasting is continually compared to blogs, because the scope of podcasting is much larger. Most people have nothing interesting to say, thus, giving the tools to the masses, may they […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 5th, 2004

In The Trenches (The Podcast for sysadmins and IT professionals) has a new tech chat up, which I took part in again. We talked far longer than we originally planned to, so we covered a bunch of topics; Podcasting via Bittorrent IE vs Firefox At home vs  corperate enviroments, pro’s and cons, managability, features, etc. […]

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