Thefluffyadmin on June 25th, 2004

As usual I was quite bored at work today, so I spent the day mucking around the internet, cathing up on IT news and stuff. First off I ran into Now I have come across this community/site before, but never actually payed it much attention. Apon closer inspection however, I must conclude that it is […]

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Thefluffyadmin on June 19th, 2004

Yesterday I had a long-due twice-annual talk with my personnel manager. Somewhat to my surprise it was a very open and relaxed talk, and I think I can say with some certainty that my relationship with her is the best I have had when it comes to managers. We talked a bit about past jobs […]

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Thefluffyadmin on June 17th, 2004

*waves at Imz* This week started with a new client. Client is a christian charity organisation, which for me means that A. There is no IT budget cause they are dependant on subsidy and charity, and B. I am not allowed to swear. A is somthing I am used to, in fact, I now believe that […]

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Thefluffyadmin on June 13th, 2004

All my weekends seem to be alike.. sleep out till 2pm (or later), and just hang and be completely bored.. At the moment I find some distraction in Counter-Strike..but other than that.. *sigh* I should actually be studying.. but I really cant be bothererd.

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Thefluffyadmin on June 9th, 2004

Loop 2 weken rond op een nieuwe klus, denk ik bij mezelf; laat ik eens uber-professioneel doen, en de hele klus lanmg in pak rondlopen. Nou dat werkt aardig, IT-ers worden al vaak niet zo serieus genomen, maar als je rondloopt in pak met eens tropdas dan wekt dat automatisch al een niveau van respect […]

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