Thefluffyadmin on December 17th, 2004

IT Conversations I just wanna plug IT Conversations for a sec here. IT Conversations is a network of high-end tech talk-radio interviews, discussions and presentations from major conferences delivered live and on-demand via the Internet. It’s a one-person labor of love. Doug Kaye is ITC’s host, producer, developer, writer, interviewer and engineer. He launched IT […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 17th, 2004

Eric Maynard posted a link to a review of WUS, Microsoft’s Windows Update Services, over at I started messing with WUS almost immediately, but couldn’t get it to work properly (couldn’t get my hosts to appear), and then I didn’t get the change to really dig into it cause work got in the way. […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 16th, 2004

E-mail hoax sparks ‘Do Not Call’ stampede | CNET You know… I cant help but wonder. With 9.5 million Americans rushing to sign up, I suppose we have to be tankfull this wasn’t a phishing scam, or other corrupt activity. Imagine for a moment if it was, and the registration page of the FTC service that […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 13th, 2004

Wired 12.12: VIEW This struck a chord. Nuff said.

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Laat Je Niet Pakken (link to the English Language version) Suftnet and Kennisnet are dutch internet organisations that specialise in the educational services. They are quite big on advice and promotion of internet use. Surftnet is an ISP that does internet access for schools and learning institutions. Surfnet has had a security awareness campaign “They’re out […]

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