Thefluffyadmin on November 24th, 2005

2 x xSeries 366 Servers, unpacked, and ready to recieve options So much stuff to build, so much to unpack!! Over 100.000 dollar worth of components on the table here. Extra CPU’s, Harddisks, Option cards, even Acoustic Attenuation Modules .. all to be built into our Blades, Bladecenters, and xSeries 366’s 21 HS20 Blade Servers, […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 14th, 2005

When installing the latest version of the Windows Update Client, you may recieve an error that references this code: 0x8007041d 0x8007041d simply refers to not being able to stop, restart or manipulate in some way, the Windows Update service. With a recent version of the Windows Update agent installed, the C:windowsWindowsUpdate.log file will produce and error […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 10th, 2005

(pic taken using the small camera on the Mda) Dont really know how I need to tall this thing for the sake of the blog. MDA Pro? HTC Universal? Anyway.. my primary MSN works again, now at  its so stupid really. Just needed to add everyone again so they could authorise my new adress.. […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 7th, 2005

Now I have my cool phone, I will need a cool case. since I got a Piel Frama case for my previous phone, and was so impressed by the quality, I will remain brand-loyal and order with them again. These really are great cow-leather cases. I used my XDA one for 3 years and there […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 6th, 2005

A.k.a. The HTC Universal! I have been pining for this thing for the last year or so. Isn’t she a beauty! Got the bluetooth sync working great, now to set up Exchange for mobilesync. Still cant use my Primairy MSN account though, I am currently using I hope they fix it soon so I […]

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