I spoke on the Virtual Stack podcast, episode 5, about the #NSX Distributed firewall #vexpert

On the heels of my VNSTechcon session, today I had a great time talking to Emre Girici on his podcast about the same topic: NSX Distributed firewall. This talk has an introductory flavor to the topic of Micro-segmentation with NSX, and I hope to zoon in further on it in future conversations with Emre.

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His podcast, Virtual Stack, is one of several new podcasts springing up around the VMware ecosystem. Its a great listen and focuses mostly on the software-defined networking side of the VMware product portfolio. Emre Gerici works for VMware in the Network and Security business unit (NSBU).

Thank you, Emre for the opportunity to speak on your podcast, and hopefully talk to you again soon 🙂

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