All your network are belong to us.

Since today I am officially in charge of the network of the customer that I have been at for the last 3 weeks. For the next 3 I will be administering the most ad-hoc network I have ever seen 😉

I wont bore you with the details, but its a w2k backend, spanning 8 locations over VPN/ADSL and direct routing over ISDN, 4 of those locations mantain their own Novell trees (very hard to remotely administer), mail is LotusR5/Domino, and the client base is mostly W95/98, plus novel client. Client admin is via VNC and serveradmin via PCAnywhere.

Even though the network is complex, the infrastructure spread out, and the userbase big for a single admin (200 peeps), its been remarkably calm in the last month, I hope it stays that way!

So far I have had 2 mails about some printing issues, but its Vriday, and I am too fed-up to start maing phone calls. This is the downside of this job, the admin is also the helpdesk..  sux0r.

The great thing about being left alone to administer all this, is being able to decide for yourself how you want to do things. First thing I did was set up 2 additional pc’s for monitoring and admin work, as my current laptop belongs in the stone age and is unworkable for anyting other than this weblog, and solitaire 😉 I hope my employers pc-prive project hurries up and gets my my 3Ghz laptop soon 😀

On the home front I installed XP Service Pack 2 RC2 on my mother and sisters pc. I am curious how they will cope with the extra messages and warnings it generates when surfing. My own experiance with the SP has been nothing but positive, but I am happy I am already playing with it. The ammount of stuff it can potentially break is a lot, and am looking forward to seeing ignorrent admins get into a panic once they casually install it on all their XP clients..and suddenly cant administer anything anymore 😉

Its still my intention to have their pc’s log onto my domain over VPN, but since the trouble with my router, I have been less than enthousiastic to mess with it and open up l2tp ports..   Perhaps this weekend I will give it a shot again.