Some podcast shoutouts

Now that my audio is back up, I actually can spend more time listening to the podcasts on my way back and forth from work. I figured that I needed to stock up on some more material, as most casts are not daily, so I had a browse though

First thing that caught my eye was a cast called ‘Erwin’s Podcast’.  Now at first I though this might be Erwin from Dopplerradio, but as it turns out its not.. its by a guy.. called Erwin, who lives only a few minutes from where I work! I knew this cause his view of the KPN radio mast is almost the same as mine! Anyway, he has had a blog for a while, and now also has a podcast.. in Dutch!  First of a kind as far as I know! Cool! I suprised him by appearing on his msn

Now here is a very odd podcast!

“The Nature of Systems”

I listened to this for about half and hour, and I really didn’t know what I was listening to. Its a book, obviously, read by its author, a chapter at a time,  but its not exactly your average book.  It discusses the concept of systens, and how they come to be, why we need them. Oke, fair enough.  But the way he tells it is.. uhm.. well .. odd, but highly original and actually somewhat entertaining.. albeit a bit obscure.   I could try to explain, but have to frame of reference to compare it too, so give it a listen and judge for yourself..

I felt it was my moral responsibility as a member of the podcasting enthousiasts to give Dawn and Drew a listen.. but sadly, I was not as entertained as most others seem to by them. So I guess that is just me then, but I am obviously an exeption, so you will probably enjoy.. give them a listen.

Oh, something funny! During the last Trade Secrects, Adam was recording himself and David Winer, but while they where speaking, someone started calling adam on Skype.. and he couldn’t hear cause he had the sound off on the laptop! Heheh.