Worms, Virusses and Botnet animated movie

http://www.waarschuwingsdienst.nl/movies/botnetfilm_en.wmv The Dutch site “Waarschuwingsdienst.nl” (Warningservice) (A part of the Dutch ministry of Economics) has made this animated movie in both Dutch and English. It shows, in an entertaining way, what the threat is from Virusses, Worms, Bots, and how your pc can be turned into a zombie pc. Its a great effort on their
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Originally uploaded by Jemimus. Update fun at work today, trying desperately to get 50 windows 2000 servers up to some kinds of descent patch level.

ITT: Using Security Templates and the SCW in Windows Server 2003

I finally got my nerve together and recorded an Admin-to-Admin segment for the In The Trenches podcast Article here: http://kevindevin.com/?p=156 Listen to the episode here: http://libsyn.com/media/inthetrenches/ITT-20050811.mp3 Here are the notes for my segment: Using Security Templates Uses Enforcing security policy onto a Workstation or Server Setting software restriction policy (name, hash, path) Setting secured groups
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