Originally uploaded by Jemimus. Update fun at work today, trying desperately to get 50 windows 2000 servers up to some kinds of descent patch level.

ITT: Using Security Templates and the SCW in Windows Server 2003

I finally got my nerve together and recorded an Admin-to-Admin segment for the In The Trenches podcast Article here: Listen to the episode here: Here are the notes for my segment: Using Security Templates Uses Enforcing security policy onto a Workstation or Server Setting software restriction policy (name, hash, path) Setting secured groups
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IBM xSeries clustering woes

Here is a copy-paste of a forum post I did in Tek-Tips. We are totally new to IBM hardware, and the last few weeks we have been trying to navigate the forest of IBM software and documentations. We have gotten quite lost a few times, but we are making slow progress. There are, however,
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