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NLVMUG2018 – Speaking on NSX microsegmentation and a community panel discussion #vexpert

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Its always exiting to speak publicly and this year I am setting my bar higher by participating in 2 sessions.

First up is a panel discussion that I was very happy to be invited to by Francisco Perez van der Oord, one of the directors of ITQ. We will have a 45 min flow of topics around SDDC, NSX, Cloud, etc, and the general trends of technology as they impact vSphere admins. We titled the session “vSphere – .. and then what next?”  Never participated in a panel discussion on stage before, so that will be an interesting experience. The other participants are, imo, giants in the dutch VMware community: Joep Piscaer of OGD/Jumbo and Viktor van den Berg of PQR, and I feel quite humbled being on stage with them.


My second session is my own talk, 20 minutes, on NSX Microsegmentation in practice. This is a condensed version of the talk I gave at the Infosecurity conference last year.
In it I cover some practical tips about using NSX Microsegmentation, do’s and dont’s, and common Gotcha’s
Its actually quite tough to get all the essentials into 20 mins or so, so it will be dense and fast-paced (as usual for me).

Nervous, but really looking forward to the day. I love the VMUG concept and I love networking and seeing all the community in the flesh again (as apposed to only on Slack/Twitter)

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Where are all the Sysadmins?

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

I posted the following post on The Server Room forum at Ars Technica


Hi all,

Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough, but I get the distinct impression that sysadmins, for some reason, are not very community-oriented.

If you look online for developer communities, you find a fantastic amount of forums, websites, and blogging communities.

When I wanted to start blogging about my sysadmin adventures, I looked for communities similar to developer sites like, Channel9, However, I couldn’t find any kind of hub that revolved around systems administration in a similar way.

We just seem a bit under-represented online, imo.

I want to find places I can converse and chat with fellow sysadmins, besides, obviously forums like these (which rock, btw).

For example, I did a search on Twitter and found a whole bunch of people that described themselves as sysadmins. Now those are exactly the kind of people I would like to follow on Twitter.

Similarly with Flickr, there are a number of small groups that deal with sysadmin and datacenter stuff, and I regularly contribute to those groups, but there are not many people there.

Another thing I would really love to see, is a good IRC community in this space. Again, perhaps there already is one that people here know of, I just haven’t found it yet.

What constantly suprises me, is how, whenever I find some kind of sysadmin community “hub”, the way collaboration is encouraged is incredibly old-school. For example mailing lists, or usenet groups. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I hardly find anything in the web2.0 scene at all. Have a look on Facebook, how many large sysadmin groups do you find there for example? Twitter? Friendfeed? I would really love to have a few more sysadmins on Friendfeed! We appear to be under-represented online, and very fragmented.

So lets get connected! I will list some of the resources/communities I have found, I hope you will add your own. What I am trying to collect is a list of active community hubs. I will update this post with the links people add.

Ars Technica – The Server Room
Sysadmin Talk Forums

Social Networks:
Flickr – Systems Administrators Pool
Flickr – Rackmonkeys Pool

LOPSA – the League of professional system administrators
SAGE – The Usenix Special Interest Group for Sysadmins
LISA – ( Large Installation System Administration ) Conference, organised anually by Usenix/SAGE

Podcast – Casting from the Server Room


I am secretly hoping the post will get stickied or something. Regardless, it gave me the idea to build it out more. I can add these links to my sysadmin blog. But it also reminded me I really need a Wiki or something, that would be even better.

Damnit, time to start migrated over to some proper hosting. Come to think of it, I need a new WordPress theme too!

Zero-day’s, Sharpreader Woes and Techrepublic

Friday, June 25th, 2004

As usual I was quite bored at work today, so I spent the day mucking around the internet, cathing up on IT news and stuff.

First off I ran into Now I have come across this community/site before, but never actually payed it much attention. Apon closer inspection however, I must conclude that it is pretty cool, as the subject matter is really in line with my own interests within the IT industry; systems administration, but more from a general sort of point of view, as apposed to very detailed technical stuff. Dont get me wrong, I really enjouw hardcore technical stuff, but this site, and especially its forum community may seal a gab in my online reading.
John, if you read this, this might indeed be that kind of community we discussed some weeks back!

RSS Is fast becomming my main input for news, uhh…. duh.. I guess. Sharpreader has been my main aggregator for a while, but its updates are slow to come, and it has some serious performance issues, and like suddenly not wanting to update at all. So I will be looking for new ones, if you have suggestions please tell me! I like plain and simple feed readers, but reliable!