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Jon Udell: Collaborative filtering with (and other ideas)

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

Jon Udell: Collaborative filtering with

That coolness factor of browsing and finding other people’s pages because they seem to share a common interest, could be, in part, an automatic process. Here John introduces a way it could be done, very very cool!

I have been filling in key-words of my interests like, for-ever, in profile pages all over the internet. And I dont think that info has ever spawned an online relationship with anyone else..

With the approach John shows here, we can go beyond these superficial keywords, and drill down deeply into a persons interest space. The only downside to this is that where are still being rather virtical here, as in we must bear in mind that we are only looking at a persons bookmarking behaviour, which says nothing of his information-consumption behavior like what he browses, what feeds he aggregates.

Though of course the latter can be analyzed if one uses a service such as bloglines.

If you where to take my page, and compare it to my bloglines page, you get a far more nuanced view of what I do online, and where my interests lie. The next step thus, is to aggregate that information together, and there are many more sources that one could reference in this manner. My blog for instance. Or my personal website. And then there is other kind of meta-info on me, like my online reputation on sites like ebay, slashdot,, or how about online CV’s or forum activity, or comment activity?

What if one would create a crawler application that, using all of these sources, could compine a complete ‘view’ of my digital online self?

The problem though, is that ‘social’ internet tools, that effectively visualize this stuff, are not all that common yet. Bloglines,, and Flickr, and a few others, are still few and far between.

And then there is privacy. Now personally, I have no problem sharing all this metadata about myself. I would not even mind my browsing habbits being monitored to service the ‘social’ metaspace like I do with the above-mentioned services, provided I had complete and transparent control over when what was monitored.

Wouldnt it be kinda creepy, once we indeed had a centralized match-and-compare system for all of this data, if you where to run into another person online that mirrored you and your interestes in every way? And online doppelganger, so to speak

Creating Podcasts on the fly with

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

Oke.. this is damn cool. has implemented a schema of system tags. if you post a link to a file of a certian filetype, will automaticly add a system tag, like the one featured above: system:media:audio

If the system tag is for an audio file, calling a url like the one above, results in an RSS feed that will add the linked-to mp3 or wav file as an enclosure in the rss feed.

This basicly means that by simply adding a link to an mp3 to your delicious account, you have an rss feed with enclosures automaticly: a podcast feed.

I was clued into this via this post:


Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

I have been using this for a while now, and its just great. You know, its the first thing that has ever given me a reason to use Internet Explorer’s Links bar feature.. or Firefox’s for that matter:


As you can see I also keep my two ultimate reference links on there aswell.

For those of you who havn’t seen this yet, Delicious is a free service, perpetually in Alpha, which is basicly a ‘social bookmarking’ tool. In other words, every bookmark I save is accessable to me anywhere, cause its web based, but more than that; its public and can be viewed and parsed by anyone, including rss support!

The great value of this, is that it can produce some really interesting metadata.. like how many people are linking to the same thing. I have spent hours browsing through other people’s bookmarks, people who link to the same things I do.. which is a good indication of their interests, and perhaps a good reason to seek contact (hence the word social bookmarking )

For a great demonstration of its power and usefullness, Jon Udell has a really good screencast of it.. (Flash)

I wish other people I knew used this, I have heard of none so far. I would love to follow their bookmarks via RSS, here is mine.

Jon Udell: the screencast

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005

Jon Udell: the screencast

Another cool screencast by Jon.

I had heard of before, but untill I say this screencast, had no idea what it actually was.

It looks pretty amazing, the mere fact that I can check what other people are bookmarking is very powerfull, I am gonna give this a spin with a large subset of my own bookmarks!