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Show us your rack!

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Cool. Kevin over at Kevin’s Stuff featured me on his podcast.. twice!

I’ll be working on some feedback for the topics he shouted out. He was thinking about a catch-frase for the show, and he came up with “Show us your rack!” .. which I think is excellent!

I switched back to ipodder for my cast feeds, on account of Doppler not having any kind of history functionality… yet.
You see, I will listen to a cast, and then delete it strait out of Media Player. Ipodder keeps a little text file with url/names so it remembers what not to download anymore. Doppler will just go and download them all over again.

I sent Edwin a mail about this, and he replied very promptly with the news that this kind of stuff will soon be included in Doppler, in fact, on the site they are calling out for more beta-testers for the RC2, before they release it public.

Still using Sauce Reader. Last night version 1.9 was released, which makes the app dramaticly more friendly on the memory consumption side. Like now its idling at 2mb, whereas 1.8 would idle at 200mb

Monday I start out at the media company I have been quite looking forward too. I really wonder what kind of work they are gonna give me. They where a little vague about it, basicly discribing a kind of jack-of-all-trades, dealing in user-support as well as administration of their office backend. Of course I find the latter far more interesting, but we shall see.

Keeping Busy – Sauce reader woes, Doppler, podcasts, XDA

Wednesday, October 13th, 2004

Been spending my free week online, just reading stuff, and now listening to podcasts.. uhm.. digital broadcasts… those.. incuded..mp3.. things..     lol

Quite a few people commenting and critisising the fact its called PODcasting.. IPODder… etc..  As you dont actually need an Apple IPod to do it..

Been having a lot of problems with Sauce Reader, my current RSS reader. Until about 2 weeks I was using Sharpreader, but its been ages since an update, it lacks features, it still doesn’t propery do digest auth on for instance Livejournal

But anyhow.. Sauce Reader isn’t perfect either.. even though the interface is pretty good, and its pretty jam-packed with features..evenincluding its own blogging tool, and its being updated prequently. However.. it EATS memory and CPU.. in a way that just isn’t healthy. And twice now it has somehow corrupted its own database of downloaded feed content, making half my feeds no longer update..  The only way I have been able to restore functionality is by re-adding those feeds..but with my feeds now round the 50 range.. that was quite a bit of work..

So I will be looking for another reader.. anyone got any suggestions?

Oke.. Podcasting.. Engadget has a nice new tutorial on how to get your podcast downloads set up on any other media device.. Pocketpc, Zen, Rio, whatever. check that out here

Erwin van Hunen released Doppler this morning, is an alternative for Ipodder for your podcast aggregation on the Windows platform. Been giving it a spin.. too early to really tell you what I think (is half hour too early? 😉  I already like the fact that I can import opml directly, saves me the bother of having to copy-paste feeds manually, I can just take the OPML that sauce reader creates and import it.. it will download any includes it finds amungs the many feeds.  I also really like the little popup it gives me when its downloaded someting. Its a bit buggy though.. chashes on some feeds.

Oke.. so now its a race with who can build the better podcast aggregator.  That is great and all.. but I would much rather like all the RSS aggregators update to support includes. I really want a single platform to manage feeds, I imagine perhaps a little blinking icon on a feed telling me its got an includde bit of content waiting for my approval to download.  We also desperatly need a management system for all these podcasts..  like and auto delete of old files or content expiration or something.

What we also need is commenting on  I mailed Adam and he replied that they where working on it, but that they where kinda swamped.. which I can imagine. On todays source code we heard an example of Steve Holden Tech Rag Tear Out where he declares who whillmost likely listen to his cast..  that is, at least at the present time, a goodway of quickly filtering.. however at that point.. you will already have downloaded the mp3.

Went shopping for a new headphone for my XDA .. and to no suprise of mine.. no one has it anymore. Even though I am pretty sure the headphone/handsfreeset for the XDAII and III will propbably work fine, no one seems to have the accesories for no headphone.  Looks like I will have to order it direct from O2, T-Mobile, Orange or whatever.

Oke more later…