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Show us your rack!

Friday, October 15th, 2004

Cool. Kevin over at Kevin’s Stuff featured me on his podcast.. twice!

I’ll be working on some feedback for the topics he shouted out. He was thinking about a catch-frase for the show, and he came up with “Show us your rack!” .. which I think is excellent!

I switched back to ipodder for my cast feeds, on account of Doppler not having any kind of history functionality… yet.
You see, I will listen to a cast, and then delete it strait out of Media Player. Ipodder keeps a little text file with url/names so it remembers what not to download anymore. Doppler will just go and download them all over again.

I sent Edwin a mail about this, and he replied very promptly with the news that this kind of stuff will soon be included in Doppler, in fact, on the site they are calling out for more beta-testers for the RC2, before they release it public.

Still using Sauce Reader. Last night version 1.9 was released, which makes the app dramaticly more friendly on the memory consumption side. Like now its idling at 2mb, whereas 1.8 would idle at 200mb

Monday I start out at the media company I have been quite looking forward too. I really wonder what kind of work they are gonna give me. They where a little vague about it, basicly discribing a kind of jack-of-all-trades, dealing in user-support as well as administration of their office backend. Of course I find the latter far more interesting, but we shall see.

Podcasting – Another cool thing I (and everyone else) just discovered

Sunday, October 10th, 2004

Title: Podcasting – Another cool thing I (and everyone else) just discovered
Date: 10/10/2004 3:40:00 AM

First thing first: Here is a link to a small tutorial by Jake Ludington on how to set up Ipodder and Media Player 10 to get you started with easily listening to podcasting on the Windows platform.

Somehow I missed this.. perhaps not that suprising considdering no one was talking about it since just a week or so ago.. at least according to my feed history. (In fact its 6 weeks yesterday according to Evilgenuis Chronicles 😉

About a month ago I discovered Adam Curry’s Weekly Source Code. Now he was really playing around with audio equipment at that moment, and a month later I see he is now bussily pioneering what they are calling Podcasting…  The recording of audio-logs, (in this case dialy, hence the new name “Daily Source Code”), that are then automaticly downloaded to people’s audio devices..    Ipod offered the simplest framework for this, but with the release of Ipodder for Windows, you can now do it with Media player 10, and then sync with your phone or Ipaq or whatever (XDA in my case, once I get a working headphone again!).

Read this article to get up to speed on this exiting new technology.

What I find absolutly amazing is the speed at which it seems to have grown and people are talking about it. 6 Weeks and the podcasts are sprouting up faster than fungus in my fridge. Adam has a list going at Here are some more list sites:,, iPodderX, and meanwhile everyone is talking about it. (with everyone I mean everyone in the upper-echelon tech community).

Right now I have my XDA (wtf, the O2 site doesnt understand Firefox?!!) syncing with my game pc..  makes the most sense if I hook it up to my laptop now, as I am using it more anyway, and I now have this great extra reason to sync with it! Problem is though… my headphone cable that came with the XDA is broken, as Adam’s was coincidentily, and I might have the same probs he had getting a replacement.

When I start making daily trips to my new job I start the 18th, I will be very happy with some disctraction on the trainride, what better way than with some podcasts and some music. (Well actually, I also have some other stuff lined up for my train trips, but they require me pulling out the laptop..  )