Kevin Devin » In the Trenches – Tech Chat – 02-04-2005 At 4am on Saterday morning I participated in a tech chat..  this time we had Jeremy Wright from on board, as well as Kregge Steppe and Gerard Hickey. I especially wanted Jeremy on board, cause of his experience with corperate blogging, and his blogging experience in […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 5th, 2004

In The Trenches (The Podcast for sysadmins and IT professionals) has a new tech chat up, which I took part in again. We talked far longer than we originally planned to, so we covered a bunch of topics; Podcasting via Bittorrent IE vs Firefox At home vs  corperate enviroments, pro’s and cons, managability, features, etc. […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 14th, 2004

Podcast quality is going up. Now this comment comes forth from just general perseption, listening to podcasts. People seem to be setteling into formats now, getting routines going, getting their hands on better equipment like mixers and better mic’s, and just getting more skilled at presenting shows, talking, editing, etc. But another reason I felt the […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 13th, 2004

Oke.. this was seriously cool! On a few Saterdays, Kevin and I have chatted, as he’s used some of that stuff in his podcast, but I was just really happy in and off itself to have a chat like this. Today however, we had a 4-way discussion group with Myself, Kevin Devin, and David Newberger […]

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Thefluffyadmin on October 15th, 2004

Cool. Kevin over at Kevin’s Stuff featured me on his podcast.. twice! I’ll be working on some feedback for the topics he shouted out. He was thinking about a catch-frase for the show, and he came up with “Show us your rack!” .. which I think is excellent! I switched back to ipodder for my […]

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