Thefluffyadmin on October 28th, 2005

Often, when I take my laptop somewhere, it starts stinging me when I place my wrists on the speaker grill, this is the normal position when typing. Turns out in fact, that I am being electrocuted And I am not the only one it seems: I noticed my laptop also is giving me a shock. I […]

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Thefluffyadmin on December 9th, 2004

My new laptop is the largest I have ever seen, and I thought finding a bag or backpack for it was gonna be tough, as my already large Microsoft notebook bag was unable to fit it. Targus Sport Standard Backpack (Platinum/Black) I was thinking about getting something expensive and luxurious, but then I came across […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 29th, 2004

Well my laptop harddisk has really given up now. The problems have been worsening over the past week, and now it will start ‘tapping’ sometimes, after its been on for a while. Also, it wont boot normally anymore, I have to press ESC during post, and manually select the hdd in the boot menu, and whenever I […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 3rd, 2004

Cool! Because my laptop wasn’t new to begin with (they turned out to be display models), I, and two others in our company, set wheels in motion to have this corrected. The shop our company got the laptops from will soon be contacting us directly, and will be swapping out our laptops with newer models! […]

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Thefluffyadmin on October 22nd, 2004

Well the last week has been colorfull. Started the new job at the media company, and feelings are still mixed. First of all, the positive points. This is a big operation. Its a very cool enviroment to work in. Round the corner of this office is the cotrol room for our national television channels, and […]

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