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Google talk, why I like it, features, and interoperability

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

There has been quite some critisism on the tech scene of Google talk, people often siting thats its nothing special, that it lacks features, thats it too basic.

But it seems to me that its simplicity is exactly the point. With Messenger clients increasingly bloated with features, a nice, clean, simple and elegant IM client is refreshing. As part of the Google Desktop it sites unobstusively in the sidebar, or simply invisble until the preview of the message pops up.

Dispite its simpleness though, it has that major killer-ap, VoiP.. and if Google can make good on its interoperatbility claims (and it seems they will), this might just be the VioP client you will be seeing on most of peoples desktops.

If Google succesfully partners with Gizmo and Vling, as is being suggested, and perhaps someone creates an addin for Skype using the just released SDK, then it wont really matter what VioP client you are using right?
Gosh I wish the main IM providers would try to work towards the same!

The critism of the last few days does rais an interesting question though: What should be considdered core to IM functionality these days?

I would agree with most people that conferencing over IM should be core, and would even go so far as to say it should be core to VioP. Same should go for message history storage.. and online, not offline.

File Transfer? I dont know about that one.

Experience so far:

I have Google talk over VioP a spin last night, and compared the experience with MSn 7.5, Skype, and Gizmo.  I found that Gizmo and Google Talk seem give the best experience, at least in mine. That means the least lag and dropout, and the best audio quality overall. Dispite the good stuff I am hearing abour MSN 7.5, and its enhancements to their VioP, for some reason it didnt function well at all for me, producing a rather annoying static or buzz.

Now I have hardly been using Google talk as a standalone app, I have been trying it in combination with the Beta 2 of the Google Tesktop, and I am quite happy with it, though it seems much of the new sidebar is still pretty buggy, and lacks some options I would like, put considdering the flurry of development already surrounding it, wont take like to find some really great plugins I bet.

Dreaming of a 3G Christmas ?

Thursday, November 11th, 2004

Now.. I dont know a whole lot about most wireless technologies, but 3G seems to have cost the telecomunications industry more money than they can ever earn back, at least from what I hear.

The auction of 3G licenses and radio spectrum in Europe played a significant part in the tech bubble of the late 1990s. Convinced that 3G adoption would be rapid and the profits from data massive, European telecommunications companies ploughed a total of €109 billion into the licenses alone, for a total of approximately €300 billion including equipment and marketing. – Wikipedia

With the increasing range and coverage of Wifi networks and their providers, I have to wonder weather broadband Wifi services are going to replace a lot of the 3G demand the coming years…

I mean..  if I can get 802.11g access in almost all the places that I live and work.. and so can all my collegues and friends.. then why do I need a 3G phone when all the content, and of course VoIP, can come to me over regular internet channels at a fraction of the cost?

Sure where not there quite yet..  but how long until serious Wifi providerors start offering phone-like services as an alternative?