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The Fluffshack goes wireless

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

I thought I might keep my UTP cable around for my laptop? I haven’t used it since, everything works flawlessly, and the setup took just under 30 minutes. The downside to it being so easy, is that I didn’t learn anything new about wireless or ADSL…


Wireless networking on larger scales

Wednesday, November 24th, 2004

Its starting to happen.

The Dutch magazine Computable is reporting that the “Stichting Wireless Leiden”, a dutch wireless advocacy group, is joining forces with other regional wireless groups to offer wifi access thoughout the province of Zuid Holland.

This would include an area covering cities like The Hauge, Delft, Leiden and perhaps also Rotterdam.

This is damn cool. I am convinced that the Netherlands is small enough to cover completely in wifi networks, and I forsee a furture marketshare war between these networks, and the services they will carry on them (VoIP, streaming content), and the classic mobile phone networks. As more and more phones are being equiped with Wifi, this market may explode in the next few years.