Thefluffyadmin on November 3rd, 2005

My long time mobile buddy, my first gen XDA, was stolen last night during a trip to cinema and restaurant. I doubt it will be of any use to whoever has it, its three years old and uses an extremenly propriatary connector, so likely it will run out of power in two days. They also […]

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Thefluffyadmin on June 27th, 2005

Well I have dragged this thing with me all weekend, and I am not very happy with it. The thing is this: it tries to be an mp3 player and a portable harddisk, which was the whole reason I bought it, but it ends up doing neither very well. As a portable harddisk, it has the […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 11th, 2004

Been getting up at 5am the last two days, to make up for having to leave early due to a completely pointless roadshow that my employer held on Thuesday evening. (Pointless cause I hearn nothing I hadn’t heard before). Getting up earlier seems to have some advantages. First off, public transport is pretty quiet that early, so […]

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Thefluffyadmin on November 8th, 2004

Finally got the majority of my audio problems sorted out. Ordered a headset for the Qtec 2020, which is basicly an XDA/MDA II ..  I figured this might work on my XDA I on account of the devices being almost identical, so I figured same part.. and I was almost right.  See picture below: 2.5mm […]

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Thefluffyadmin on October 13th, 2004

Been spending my free week online, just reading stuff, and now listening to podcasts.. uhm.. digital broadcasts… those.. incuded..mp3.. things..     lol Quite a few people commenting and critisising the fact its called PODcasting.. IPODder… etc..  As you dont actually need an Apple IPod to do it.. Been having a lot of problems with Sauce Reader, my […]

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