Roling Out Thinkpads

Roling Out Thinkpads Originally uploaded by Jemimus Working on updating the laptop roleout script for these new T510 Thinkpad's. We use RES Wisdom to do our automated installs.

This is how I like to admin

A bit of relaxed late-night admin from the comfort of the big cushy chair. Here is a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad X200 that has been running on a single charge for over 6 hours now, non stop (ultra low power mode). I am connected into work via our Citrix access gateway, logged into an admin
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Booooring weekends….

All my weekends seem to be alike.. sleep out till 2pm (or later), and just hang and be completely bored.. At the moment I find some distraction in Counter-Strike..but other than that.. *sigh* I should actually be studying.. but I really cant be bothererd.