And in the other world: Have you heard of blogs?

You know.. it amazes me how often I have to explain to fellow techies what a blog is. Just ordinary non-technical people.. oke.. fine.. but my fellow geeks?
I dont know how it is over there in the states, or the rest of the world, but here in the Netherlands its a pretty unknown fenomenon.

Its worlds and worlds appart from the online world that I inhabit, where I read and participate daily on stuff like; the inpact of blogs and personalized reporting, rss (spam), backtracks,  corperate blogging, podcasting, community building, time-shifted content, internet business models, collaboration solutions, aggragated and federated data (can you say Google desktop?), software patents, Creative Commons, Fair Use, web-services, the mobility revoultion, etc.. etc..etc..

The world I have to work in is so boring by comparison, and most techies seem unaware of what they are missing. GET OUT FROM UNDER YOUR ROCKS!