Robert’s blog @ MSN

Robert’s blog @ MSN

Yup.. here it is.

First impressions are good. It looks really slick, and I like the fact that you can rearrange the content windows.. a feature we already know from Sharepoint technologies and MyMSN.

The fact that MSN has so integrated its functionality with the rest of their offerings, and MSN Messenger, means that more people than ever will now start blogging, which is great.. its very accessable.  At least.. if you use MSN..   Apparently, MSN Spaces does not have an API, so I guess tools like Blogjet are gonna have a hard time supporting it..  a missed opertunity if ever I saw one.

But I doubt I wil be using it myself. Like many people have already mentioned today, its too restrictive for the average power user or geek blogger.

Lets see if I can get my mother blogging with this