ITT: Hung on “applying computer settings” – Exchange System Attendant was the culprit (Solved, kinda)

Isn’t it wierd how, when you wanna get something done, you end up spending time fixing other problems that are stopping you from doing what you wanted to do originally. For some reason Group Policy was not being applied to my Laptop, causing all kinds of settings to fail.. eventlog told me: “windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy object”

Could not find the cause, so rebooted the Server.

Then the server wouln’t log in anymore.. it kept hanging on “applying computer settings”.
In fact, it was the exchange system attendant that couln’t start. The eventlog was filling with errors that it couln’t read its configuration data from the Active Directory.

Why this was,  was unclear.. but an MS KB article suggested it might be a problems with a disjointed DNS namespace on the DC.. this was indeed the case… and wierdly enough, might explain some other wierd stuff I have seen recently. Like.. the server name appearing in CAPS all of a sudden when I was browsing though some settings. I have no idea what caused this.

So now I am trying to fix that, while actually I was trying to get my laptop sorted… *sigh*

Update Jan 2005: I seem to have solved this one, but not sure how.. looks like I never updated this post. damn.