VMworld EU 2018 – Inner Circle

Anyone who knows me knows that I am opinionated and cant shut up about talking product.
So a formal channel in my favorite software company, made specifically to give feedback constructive or otherwise, is of course a perfect match for me.

As a result I have been part of the VMware Inner-Circle for several years.

Besides being asked to give feedback and input across a wide range of products and topics, all year around, and having active input in design and product roadmap, it all culminates at VMworld, where a whole slew of sessions are organised every year where you can ask your questions and give feedback in person.

The seriousness at which VMware takes this, is reflected in the kinds of people that involve themselves. Every year, during a panel+luncheon, you get to task the Vice Presidents of various VMware business groups, directly about anything you want. This is an amazing opportunity to give feedback at the very highest level of VMware management.


This year I made use of the opportunity to address these topics:

  • How is VMware going to insure that partners and vExperts retain the ability to play with VMware products. In the new vcloud on AWS and all the new services that are being developed there, giving away free access to even a small deployment is an expensive exercise for VMware. I was approached directly by Kathy Chow, VP of R&D (and Hands on Labs) to brainstorm on ways of perhaps facilitating this access in the new world of VMware SAAS products.
  • What works is being done to improve MyVMware and make it far far more usable. I also had a focus session especially on this topics. The goods news is that VMware is rebuilding the entire backend, which should enable in future a far better design and search engine.  All the points I raised about License Key management where know and admitted to that lots of stuff needs serious improvement there.
  • I raised a recent real-world example of the inability of partners to track impact full PR (engineering bug reports) across more than one specific SR. (especially to track across customers) VMware knows very well that vExperts, and partner technical specialists, need more than just lvl1 engineers at GSS. Serious work is being done to improve this next year, and more insight will become available for partners.

Inner circle gives you a fantastic all-year-around ability to get involved at a deeper level with the VMware products and services. There is no cost to join, and the value for VMware gets returned to us in improvement to products, strategy and services.  If you want to join up and join these converstaions: https://www.vmware.com/nl/company/innercircle.html


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