NSX-V customer success story – Interview with @AtherBeg – the NSX roving reporter – at VMworld2018 EU #vexpertNSX

I was interviewed by #NSX roving reporter @AtherBeg at #vmworld2018 and I talked about a past customer success story with NSX-V

(I misspoke and said NSX-T in the first part of the interview.)

Our customer over the course of 5 years grew accustomed to the fact they could deploy entire application stacks, including VXLAN-based networking, without having to worry about the implementation details. It used to take weeks to get application environments deployed; vlan’s, IPAN, VMs and OS and application configuration. This customer forgot it used to be so hard. Now they are spoiled 😉  But can move much much faster as a result.

I also briefly speculate what a good next step might be regarding NSX management, especially now that there are many flavors, and may places we may have to start managing application security policy across the hybrid-cloud.


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