Dutch computer security awareness campaign – They’re out to get you!

Laat Je Niet Pakken (link to the English Language version)

Suftnet and Kennisnet are dutch internet organisations that specialise in the educational services. They are quite big on advice and promotion of internet use. Surftnet is an ISP that does internet access for schools and learning institutions.

Surfnet has had a security awareness campaign “They’re out to get you!” since beginning of the year, but now they have teamed up with Kennisnet, and have relaunched the campaign.  The result is that at major train stations all over the country, the following poster can be seen:


Or at least the Dutch version of the poster. Currently, because of it almost being new year, the sharkfin has been replaced by a sparkly, and the layout is a but different.

Now if you follow my blog at all, you know how cynical and critical I am of security awareness in the Netherlands. Imagine my suprise seeing these things hanging around! Wow! Its about fucking time!

The shame is…  unless you actually kinda read the poster and think a bit, I dont think it is immediately transparent to the non-tech what this poster is talking about. I think there will be quiet a few people who will simply dismiss it cause they dont get it at a glance.

But anyway.. I think its a really great initiative!

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