E-mail hoax sparks ‘Do Not Call’ stampede | CNET News.com

E-mail hoax sparks ‘Do Not Call’ stampede | CNET News.com

You know… I cant help but wonder. With 9.5 million Americans rushing to sign up, I suppose we have to be tankfull this wasn’t a phishing scam, or other corrupt activity.

Imagine for a moment if it was, and the registration page of the FTC service that was linked to in this email, was in fact a fake site.

I think that most people would get suspicious if they had to fill in their credit card -or other personal details (like home adress/tel number, email), but the amount of pc’s you could try to infect using the standard set of vulnerability exploits, would be massive.

Imagine if the fake site had been set up by a hack-for-profit group, and it had succesfully pushed a trojan to even a small percentage of those 9.5 million pc’s.  Imagine if that trojan then harvested all your passwords from your local profile (paypal, Amazon, etc), or deleted all office documents it found, or formatted your drive, or overwrote your bios….       The sadistic and synical part of me wishes that would had happened, just to prove the point 😉

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