New job again…

Well this week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to employment. It all seems to have turned out well though, as today I have a good interview with the people at the media company I was enthousiastic about. Have to spend the next few days at the current job with the defence people though..  very very boring.

The job at the media company appears to be a general kind of administration of their office enviroment, including all aspects of it, so that means server administration aswell as simple service desk type work. I dont mind as much though. or at least I dont expect to mind as much, as with such a wide area of activities, I can probably keep my interest, especially because you can be more pro-active in end-to-end solutions, cause you control all the ends of the enviroment 😉

I am pretty exiting about the company in general, as they seem to be involved in all kinds of front-line technolgy. Besides the media services they offer, they also provice hosting and co-lo for other media companies, and they basicly administer the network infrastructure of all the media companies around them. (They are located in the middle of a Media Part; a large collection of media, television and radio related companies.) As you can imagin, these kind of companies need rather a lot of bandwidth at their disposal, and the company I will be working for supplies this also.  They also host large storage solutions, and expect to have upward of 2 petabyte of managed storage by next year, for customers and also their own activities.

They currently run NT4 front and back, but are in the middle of a migration to 2003 and XP, with Altiris as a management solution. I really cant wait to get started there! Should be able to start in the next week or so.

You have heard of Wardriving right? Well I fired up my laptop and NetStumbler in the train on my way back.. so what do you call that?
It was rather 100mph, you can cover a lot of urban ground, and within no time I had about 100 access points on the list.  And it indeed seems to be true what they say.. most didn’t even have WEP enabled, let alone anything better.

Got myself a 512mb Sandisk SD card to go in that USB SD-cardreader thing I got with my laptop and for use in my XDA. Will be sticking tools and ebooks on it, and some music.

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