Presentation “Tanzu for Dummies” – 29th Jan 2021

I will be doing a Tanzu Session on the 29th. This is my own effort to help explain the VMware Tanzu portfolio to our customers, and anyone else who might be interested!

"Tanzu for Dummies"


Modern software development is increasingly moving toward so-called cloud-native architectures. And to run these 'modern-apps', you will likely need containers, a little something called 'Kubernetes', and the infrastructure and integrated tools surrounding it, to bring your application to production.

To answer this need, VMware has introduced Tanzu. But what is VMware Tanzu? Is it a product? Is it a platform? Is it just Kubernetes, or is it more?

In this 'Tanzu for Dummies' session, I will take you on a trip through the VMware Tanzu portfolio and give you ITQ's take on it all!

We will pierce through the branding and acronyms, zoom in on the different Kubernetes flavors and editions that VMware currently has, and look at some of the products and technologies that surround them.I will talk about what these technologies do, where they came from, how VMware is positioning them and how they fit into the greater picture of the Tanzu portfolio. After this session you will leave with a better understanding of how VMware plans to answer the modern-app challenge with Tanzu, and how you can make your own modern applications thrive in the cloud-native world.





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