Oh yes.. that IT thing… I have heard of it, its central to our policy actually.

Two articles got my attention tonight, and both related to a similair theme.

First off is this from the Register, on Tony Blair’s apparent lack of IT skills.


Now personally, who cares if the man uses his mouse as a remote control or something, but its this following article from Working Smarter (or is it Thinking Faster??) that actually underpins the danger of managers, or in this above case a politician, not knowthing the first thing about something, that might be central to some of the policies they are trying to enact.


I myself can certainly relate to this feeling of IT not being taken seriously at all by most people in charge. Until an actual dialogue is established between the IT orginasation and the management, IT will always remain the underdog of companies, the department to blame, the department that only costs you money. But in order to do this you also need strong departmental mangement in your IT enviroment, and as far as I have seen, this is very very rare.

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