Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Volume VII

Its not been posted just yet, but various sites are reporting the release of Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report Volume VII.

Here is a link to where it probably will be posted:

With this report, keep 2 things in mind:
1. Symantec has a vested interest in selling and marketing their own Antivirus/spam/spyware products.
2. Symantec is nontheless in a good position to compile statistical information on threats detected.

Reports like these are, in my experience, treaded in one of two ways by IT managers. Or they are dismissed out of hand, for reason no.1 … or they are a more trustworthy source for knowledge on these matter than myself, partly for reason two, but more cause its an ‘official report’ .. and managers often dig that kinda stuff..       Yes.. im my experience many IT managers are that shallow.

Anyway.. I will have a page thought it later on.

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