Games and Gamers meets Business and Learning… how the new generation will 0wn you

Two Tech Nation interviews that I really enjoyed this evening, and found myself totally identifying with.

John Beck - When Gamers Enter the Workforce

Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with John Beck, a Senior Research Fellow at USC's Annenberg Center of the Digital Future. He warns that the "Gamer Generation" is about to enter the workforce -- and that means change.

John Beck is the author of "Got Game -- How the Gamer Generation is Reshaping Business Forever."

Dr. Henry Jenkins - Video Games and Education

Dr. Moira Gunn interviews Dr. Henry Jenkins and learns how he thinks video games will revolutionize education. Dr. Jenkins is the director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-editor of Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition (Media in Transition).

I actually read up on Henry Jenkins a while ago, and found him and his work profoundly interesting. I think it was about Massively Multiplayer games, and how people deal with having an online or virtual persona, and the psychology behind it.

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