Hardware woes… so I got some new stuff

On the eve of the new World of Warcraft patch, and GTA: San Andreas being released for the PC, of course the harddisk in my gaming rig failed.

So I took the oppertunity for a little hardware upgrade.

Got myself a Western Digital Raptor WD740GD. This is widely considdered as one of the fastest SATA drives out there, almost every harddrive review measures against this drive..


Also replaced my totally inappropriate PC2100 memory with 2 x Corsair XMS TWINX512–3200 LLPT.

Running it currently at 2–3–2–8 timings, but the silly Asus K8V deluxe Bios doesn’t seem to give me any option on command rate.. so my 3DMark score (2557) doesnt seem to have increased any. More research and tweaking required.


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