Geotagging my pictures

So I have begun geotagging some of my photo’s on FLickr!

Since I dont have any kind of GPS device, and certainly non built into my camera, I have to add the Londitude and Latitude manually. Thankfully, this process had been made rather easy by Geotagging community, who are centered around

In partular the greasemonkey scripts and web-services by Steeev are the ideal way of adding geo info to your pictures, you can basicly use google maps or google earth to tag foto’s in a pretty seemless process that mashes up Flickr, and Google Earth/MapsHere is a little guide to the process

Not only are all my geotagged pictures now part of the ever growing collection on, Rob also produced this great little script that can be used if you hav Google Earth installed..  simply fly to my picture location…  its so cool 😀

Click on the picture below to take you to my Flickr account, and check out the links just underneath the picture.

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