Phone stolen

My long time mobile buddy, my first gen XDA, was stolen last night during a trip to cinema and restaurant.

I doubt it will be of any use to whoever has it, its three years old and uses an extremenly propriatary connector, so likely it will run out of power in two days. They also cant get in cause of password, but they will likely try to reset it.

I am actually more miffed about loosing my 512mb sd card that was in it. Now I cant listen to my podcasts either! Grrr…

Its funny.. I was is some doubt about getting the new MDA Pro (HTC Universal), but I guess this kinda forces me to go get it, as I have nothing alternative currently.

Anyway, to all my friends that read my blog, dont try and call my on my old number, I will be getting a new phone with a new provider, and thus also a new number. I will be reporting my poor XDA as stolen in the morning.

Rest in piece, my trusty XDA.

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