MSN Mobile for Windows Mobile 2005 … some issues

When you used to get a Windows Mobile device like a smartphone or phone enabled pda.. you would get MSN Messenger Mobile with it, and you could just log in normally using your same old passport credentials.

However, with Windows Mobile 2005, you require a new product: MSN Mobile…   and you have to BUY it… at about 20 dollars

The only way to buy MSN Mobile, is of you have a passport account that uses a Microsoft email adres!! So in my case.. it would not accept my goold ole .. one that I have used with my MS passport for almost a decade now.

Now this really really sucks, cause I was not about to destroy my entire social online network by changing MSN identities.

But… I was relived to see, that you can actually change your passport email adress in the passport profile page, and migrate all your settings and contacts, so I turned it into a new adress:

However.. whenever I login to MSN messenger service now.. all my contacts appear offline…   and by the sound of it..  I appear offline to them.

I will give it 24 hours before I get really pissed off. I’ll chalk it down to replication traffic for now.

Oh yah.. the reason that I now use MSN Mobile??  heheheheh    pitures of my new phone tomorrow! 😀

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