How long will the MDA Pro pen last?

(pic taken using the small camera on the Mda)

Dont really know how I need to tall this thing for the sake of the blog. MDA Pro? HTC Universal?

Anyway.. my primary MSN works again, now at  its so stupid really. Just needed to add everyone again so they could authorise my new adress.. and there I was thinking the process was automatic or something… whatever.

Had a look at setting up mobile sync on my Exchange server, but the first attemps seem to reveal that WM05 is rather picky about certificates, so I will have to figure that stuff out first.

Another issue I need to look at, is why MWV9 movies from Channel9 wont play fullscreen, even though they play really well! I need to go buy myself a 1gb SD card, so I can start treating those vids as really large podcasts, and listen to them on the train.  I sent Scoble a mail about having the sound for those vids brought out as seperate podcasts, but never got a reply.

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