Building IBM Bladecenters – A foto journal

2 x xSeries 366 Servers, unpacked, and ready to recieve options

So much stuff to build, so much to unpack!!

Over 100.000 dollar worth of components on the table here. Extra CPU's, Harddisks, Option cards, even

Acoustic Attenuation Modules .. all to be built into our Blades, Bladecenters, and xSeries 366's

21 HS20 Blade Servers, still in Box.

One of the 2 IBM 366 servers, they will be running Windows 2003 and SQL 2000.

The 2 Bladecenter Chassis waiting to be unpacked.

Way way waaaaaay to many boxes to unpack. Thank goed we got these 2 guys to do it 🙂  And to actually put the stuff together!

Pile o' Blades.  IBM HS20's to be exact, each has 2 2.8Ghz Xeon's and 2 x 36gb scsi 3.5" Disks, and 2gb of memory.

These two guys from BPSolutions are helping us putting it all together.  Here they are working on equiping 2 IBM xSeries 366 servers that will function as database servers.

Placing 3 additional CPU's, 2.8Ghz Xeons

Figuring out how to move 280kg of IBM Enterprise Rack into the server room

An IBM HS20 Bladeserver. 14 of these go into a single chassis. Notice the slots of 2 x 3.5" SCSI harddrives. Click here for a closeup

View more pictures of cool server hardware here.

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