IBM Bladecenter Pics 2

Here are some pics of the Bladecenter now that its been installed. (click on pics for way more detail and additional notes)

(This post is also a test of the new Blogjet, which has some really fantastic new features)

The front of our two bladecenters, with an HS20 server partially removed. The top media tray can be switched between all blades

The 2 bladecenters, large fans at the back. Check the flickr notes for more details. Normally the Noise Autenuation modules would cover the back.

The rack we use for the Bladecenters, we have a switch in the top, that is basicly our management network for the bladecenters. The blue cables go directly to our distribution switches for the production lan, 4 trunked 1gb links per Bladecenter, spread over 2 switches per bladecenter

Our distribution switches for the second server room.

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