Ughm… *rubbs head*

Well the last week has been colorfull.

Started the new job at the media company, and feelings are still mixed.

First of all, the positive points.

This is a big operation. Its a very cool enviroment to work in. Round the corner of this office is the cotrol room for our national television channels, and upstairs are the newsrooms themsselves, that we had a walk though. When I go to lunch I see people I previously only new from TV. Yesterday I got the grand tour from one of the network guys. I visited all tv studio's and radio studio's aswell, very cool to see the live productions as they where happening. At one point I found myself walking across the studio of the Dutch version of Sesame Street

There are tons and tons of server and switch rooms here, and the main datacentre where all the hosting takes place is massive, and my all definitions the perfect datacentre, with all the high-end tech in place. Its also highly, highly secure.They have a huge datacenter here, biggest in the Netherlands after AIX, and they host a hell of a lot of bandwidth, the majority of which they use to move digital media content around between studio's and production companies. They also host the SLAM for the city, that all the DSL providers use, and all teh cable stuff is hosted there aswell, aswell as arrays of dail-up banks. The company I work with also supplies the infrastructure for all the customers here, they are a tier-3 provider. They have stuff here that I only knew from websites..  equipment like Cisco 12000 series routers. They are currently building a storage centre to store future digital media (film stock), which will be 2 petabytes when live, and will extend to doezens in the future.
There are many many techs here. Loads of audio/visual specialists of course, and people with expertice in high-level routing, satalite comms, sginals, codecs, encryption, etc.

All in all.. a very stimulating enviroment to get to work in.

Unfortunatly.. the work in question is plain old second line desktop support.  Dragging pc's around, installing applications, helping people with their little problems. Boring.. boring boring...     However.. I have already noticed that I seem to be more up to date than the guys here when it comes to new tech, and they will soon be migrating to Windows Server 2003/XP .. so I have a headstart in this.

I also see a lot of room for advancement.. they are very loosely organised.. so I can see myself climbing into a more sysadmin-like postion here after a while. In the meantime however, its pretty boring.

Another major downside is the travel time. Takes me two hours to get there.. that is 4 hours (or more) out of my day. Its completely tired me out so far, and I honestly dont know if I am gonna get used to it. I have to travel by train and tram as I have no drivers license.. cause I cant pay for it.. cause I am chronicly underpaid.

On top of that..  my laptops harddisk seems to have failed.. I have only had the thing one month!

Perhaps I was asking for it.. Cause I still dont have a headphone for my XDA, I have been using the laptop as my walkman to listen to podcasts.
Usually on my lap in the train, but sometimes in the bag, when there was no room. I think the heat might have killed it, or the controller.. as the laptop cant even see the HDD in the BIOS anymore. I am still waiting to here if where are gonna get new laptops, cause mine and others, where not new, but where probably used as display models.  Now this. Might be because it was already used..  who knows. I will be caling HP later this eveing when I get home.. but cause its vriday, I might have to wait till monday... damnit.

More messed up shit: I cant pay for my travel expenses. When you are traveling on public transport, you buy your own tickets, and then have then cashed in by the employer, and you get the money back.. after a month.    I have to dish out over 300 euro's to buy a train ticket over here.. and as I am chronicly underpaid, I cant do that, I simply dont have the room financially, like i dont have room for a great many things.

Even more messed up shit: Been getting bills again for former lodger. Rather intimitating letters like “pay now, or we will take your stuff“ ...  I tried mailing scans to him, but his mailbox was full. Its been 5 days and he still hasn't returned my calls.. I will be paying him a visit this weekend, I already phoned the bailiff and gave them his adres, but its very annoying nontheless, its seriously destroying any friendship we had left. (The friendship with the lodger, not the bailiff, lol) Another bill I got cant really be pointed in his direction.. first I have to prove that he doesn't live here anymore..  jees.

Been listening to more and more podcasts. Until this morning they where the perfect way to spend the time traveling. Now since its gotta take a while to find headphones for my xda, I thought I might get a cheapo mp3 player.. but are there even cheapo mp3' with enough space for all those podcasts..  oh dear.

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