Hi Imz!

*waves at Imz*

This week started with a new client. Client is a christian charity organisation, which for me means that A. There is no IT budget cause they are dependant on subsidy and charity, and B. I am not allowed to swear.

A is somthing I am used to, in fact, I now believe that IT budget is a MYTH, told to unsuspecting Service Desk n00bs to help them sleep at night.

Today and Yesterday we moved the whole server park to new location. The sysadmin was all in cheer and glee, the new building is the first he as been in with a proper server-room. But the idea by the management to actually designate this room as his office has met with some resistance on his part, and I, as outside IT person in the semi-consultant role, have voiced my opposition to the suggestion (I acted like I thought it was a joke, and turned ultra-serious when they explained it wasn’t, I even started quoting Dutch workplace regulatory law!)

Spent the rest of the day doing one of my favorite sysadmin passtimes, making Visio diagrams of the network topologies (no seriously! I like it! .. What?… what?)

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