Zero-day’s, Sharpreader Woes and Techrepublic

As usual I was quite bored at work today, so I spent the day mucking around the internet, cathing up on IT news and stuff.

First off I ran into Now I have come across this community/site before, but never actually payed it much attention. Apon closer inspection however, I must conclude that it is pretty cool, as the subject matter is really in line with my own interests within the IT industry; systems administration, but more from a general sort of point of view, as apposed to very detailed technical stuff. Dont get me wrong, I really enjouw hardcore technical stuff, but this site, and especially its forum community may seal a gab in my online reading.
John, if you read this, this might indeed be that kind of community we discussed some weeks back!

RSS Is fast becomming my main input for news, uhh.... duh.. I guess. Sharpreader has been my main aggregator for a while, but its updates are slow to come, and it has some serious performance issues, and like suddenly not wanting to update at all. So I will be looking for new ones, if you have suggestions please tell me! I like plain and simple feed readers, but reliable!

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