Comparing Blog sites

Switching back to English language posts for the international readership (you know who you are 😉

Getting into blogging has gotten me checking out various blogging tools and sites.
I have just made a test blog at, and I have been checking out Livejournal with the help of Steven . Because I am now a devoute user of Sharpreader for rss, I am especially interested in the rss or ATOM features of a blogging tool.

I have noticed that .text supports things like backtrack, and as a part of this can also append post responces to the rss feed. This for me is the post interesting feature, because it allows me to view comments without leaving the newsreader. All me need now in Sharpreader is the ability to comment on  posts from within the reader, what about it Luke? 😉

Considdering the sheer amout of data and posts I can find online regarding blogging technologies, I imagine that I have yet to discover the rest of the iceberg when it comes to blogging software. Can anyone recommend anything better than .text? Not that I am really complaining, but I wouldn’t mind, say, a system tray tool to post with, instead of having to visit the site every time.

I promise my next post wont be so technical 😉

Update 26/07: This page is getting quite a few hits thanks to google. To be helpfull to people looking for good blog sites, I can merely tell you that in my own experiance so far,  that the combinations of Sharpreader, Blogjet, and any .Text based blogging service, like this one, delivers the best experience. But that is based on my own mediocre experience so far.