Just when you think its almost over…

…They pull you back in.

Its Thursday, and that represents almos the end of the 3 weeks I have been covering for the Sysadmin at this place. I have been dealing with all kinds of software, mail and network problems, but nothing out of the ordinary.  That is.. until yesterday, when one of the infrastructure servers crapped out after a reboot. Defective harddisk..  typical.

Not being able to find any sort of backup for that thing, I had to get a lift to the location in question (as I have no car), pick up the server, then had to wait an hour before I could take it back with me.  I havn’t louched it, just went strait to configuring a replacement server. Now this is above and beyond what I was hired to actually do..  you dont expect the holiday replacement admin to start replacing servers.. but no one could work and I was up to a challenge.

Spent all of yesterday preparing the server (which in reality, is a HP Vectra P3 PC), and setting it up on location, and thankfully, all of its VPN and RAS stuff worked in one go.

However, because of a very choddy logon-script implementation, still no one could work. A couple of mappings simply weren’t created in login scipt, so I spent the rest of the day modifying these on the DC, aswell as in Novell (first time actually doing Novell), and by the end of the day actually got everything working again. The line of business apps could again run properly from the Terminal Server via the VPN server.

Only to walk in this morning to find that the VPN server itself stopped working at midnight, probably due to a power-supply failure.

This means that the entire organisation now cannot use their primairy applications as well as Lotus mail, that they also run of the terminal server..


I just hope that with a new PS, it will run again normally… I simply dont know enough about the infrastructure here to rebuild it. (and there are no backups of the installation either).

Nothing left to do now but wait for HP’s repair guy. And then try to patch up the mess that is left.