Things are looking up.

First of all, the cloud-cover for 2 days has caused the air to cool to somewhat more tollerable levels.

Then today, during a cofee break from my studies, one of the delivery managers (that is fancy-talk for personel managers), came round and commented on my involvent with an upcoming Sharepoint Portal project for one of the customers.
Now this was news to me, as I had not heard anything about this. I acted all cool and professional, and talked to her a bit about collaboration technologies and such.. and when she left I made a few cardwheels thought the room accompanied by a loud and repetative ‘whoohoo’ sound.

I have my friend and collegue MV to thank for this primarily, as he has been in the project scene for quite some time now. I have been hoping to get involved with the projects for some time now, as they are infinatly more interesting that simple ‘placement’ at a customers for a specific function.

In responce I immediatly looked up the offer we made for this customer concerning the Sharepoint implementation, and I am rather worried at the timescale they are talking about.. we are saying we will get the whole thing done in more or less 2 weeks, this includes analyzing their business needs, setting up shop, working out a design plan, setting up the server, configuring everything to their wishes, migrating their current data, and delivering system documentation. Looks like I need to get practicing! Time to whip out the old VMWare!

Hey.. I wonder if MS has a Solution Accelerator for Sharepoint Portal Server ? Ah.. here we are, they call it the Microsoft Solution Accelerator for Intranets though…  but I know MS bases all their ideas about ntranets around their Sharepoint products!

In case you have no idea what a “Microsoft Solution Accelerator” is? Uhh.. read this:

The Solution Accelerator for Intranets is a collection of documentation that presents a prescriptive, tested, and supported approach to designing, deploying, operating, and growing a highly-available intranet solution. In the development of such a solution, the accelerator documentation addresses issues that are not discussed in the product documentation, such as service readiness planning, resource requirements, and capacity planning. Topics such as monitoring, backup and restore, planning for growth, and disaster recovery are also covered.

The Solution Accelerator for Intranets adds value by prescribing a baseline high-availability server configuration, in addition to instructions for increasing capacity. By providing performance and capacity numbers for both baseline and “scaled-out” configurations, the Solution Accelerator for Intranets helps partners plan a physical architecture based on quantitative evidence.

Finally, the standardized architecture presented in the Solution Accelerator for Intranets is tested by Microsoft, validated in the field by other partners and customers, and fully supported by Microsoft Product Support.

So.. now you know.
They have bunch of these, I am most familair with their
Business Desktop deployment accelerator, as it closely resembles a lot of the work I have already done with corperate desktop deployment.

Now I have a week left that I was gonna use for just MCSE study, but now I think I might split up that time and also work on some Sharepoint setup procedures and stuff.

I also went out and bought the Sharepoint Products and Technologies Resource Kit, which I was thinking about getting anyway, as the whole Sharepoint and Collaboration thing MS has going interests me greatly!

Basicly, this is my big chance to impress some influential people in the company. They seem to have placed a lot of trust in me, based mostly on hearsay i am guessing. I also guess my continuous ethousiasm for the companies current direction, and their own Sharepoint portal,  have payed off. Not only did the personal manager that talked to me today compliment me on my enthousiasm, my own personal manager sent a similair mail to me yesterday, making a point out of thanking me for keeping her informed about stuff that concerned her, in this particular case, the fact that MCP’s kan now share their online certification transcipt.

Also, the fact that seem to be one of the few people that is actually turning up for study during my ‘available’  period, must be helping my image with the management too. Who said sucking up was such a bad thing? Thing is, I dont even do it deliberatly, unline many people in this company. I am genuinly interested and enthousiastic in what the company is doing, and it still kills me that dispite this, my salary is knowhere near market standard.