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I see Jem beat me to the punch, so I'd better post fast to minimize damage.

I am a friend of Jemimus and I am also a (somewhat) fluffy admin. When Jemimus moved his tech blog from geekswithblogs and moved them to a wordpress install on my Linux box we kicked some ideas around, which resulted in me becoming a guest blogger.

I work for a company, which is the biggest internet publisher in the Netherlands, where I currently fill the role of consultant/project manager and have a lot of experience as a systems administrator for the same company. My field of expertise lies in the realm of the open source applications and operating systems, large webfarms, (complex) web applications and even complexer networking environments. I deal with a lot of complex IT projects.
I also used to be a webhoster until recently and am still very active as a coder, writing simple web applications whereever needed.

What can be expected from me, subject wise? Well, mostly internet-related posts, focussed on trends, policy, managers  and rants... a lot of rants (mostly about security- and user-related issues). In my current position there is plenty to write about. As such I hope to complement Jem's interesting posts with mine to make things an even more interesting read.

Interested about me some more? Just take a peek at GrefTek.net. Just don't surf away, or else Jem will give me a savage beating. 😉

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