The way podcasts are meant to be.. well, almost.

Finally got the majority of my audio problems sorted out.

Ordered a headset for the Qtec 2020, which is basicly an XDA/MDA II ..  I figured this might work on my XDA I on account of the devices being almost identical, so I figured same part.. and I was almost right.  See picture below: 2.5mm audio jack is on the right side, the XDAII (top) covers it with a plastic.. uhh..cover.

I had to physicly cut and mangle off a piece of metal from the base, in order to make it it fit in the XDA I, but when it did, I had stereo sound, and a mic, for the first time in a while! The metal/plastic base I mean is shown above, its actually covering  the mic input line on the 2.5mm jack.

But then I can into some kind of wierd buggyness in Media Player 8.5, that ships with PocketPC 2002 Phone Editition. The player, and sometimes the entire device kept crashing when I tried to fast-forward beyond 8 or 10 minutes on an MP3.

So I had a look at some free media players for the PocketPC, and have settled on GSPlayer, which is pretty feature rich and works quite nicely.  I downloaded a couple others but I see no reason to change in the near future, this player will handle even the longest podcasts, like yesterdays Trade Secrets!  (jees! 2 hours!)

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